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*Primarily handling appeals, from the most simple to complex.

*From the author of Significant Case Summaries for members of the Arkansas Bar Association since 2005, available at

*Fastcase, a national legal research subscription service, now includes my Significant Case Summaries at the beginning of each of its decisions.

*Writing briefs to the Arkansas Court of Appeals, the Arkansas Supreme Court, the Federal Circuits and the United States Supreme Court.

*Now offering immediate assistance to comply with rebriefing orders.


* Some trial court projects may be accepted as time permits, particularly in complex cases which may later go up on appeal.

*For an example of the types of appeals handled, see the case list section of this site, as updated weekly.

* In addition to writing the Significant Case Summaries, I write mini reviews of some of the most significant decisions during each week, which are also provided as an exclusive member benefit for the members of the Arkansas Bar Association.

*The Bar Association has recently created a listserve community for immediate distribution of these mini reviews to its members. 

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