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For a list of cases in which I wrote the appellate briefs, see the Current Case List section of this site, which is updated weekly when the appeals courts are in session.

Whether  preparing an appeal in the first instance or coming to your assistance if your firm's brief has resulted in a rebriefing order, I will do my best to provide top flight appellate services. I primarily handle appeals, but some trial court projects may be accepted if time permits, particularly in complex cases which may go up on appeal.

•  I will take a fresh look at the record and prepare your appellate brief from abstracting, to research, writing and typing. I handle more appeals in a single year than many general practitioners handle in a decade. I will email portions of the brief to counsel for feedback as I progress, if desired.   I will communicate before going over any preset pricing limitations.

•  On the average, I may work on only three to six appeal briefs at any given time. Many hire me as early as possible as I must frequently turn away work.  Typically, it is best to hire me shortly after the filing of the notice of appeal so that I may begin work during the time that the record is being prepared.

•  I am also able to prepare extraordinary petitions in the Arkansas Supreme Court, as those for a writ of certiorari or for prohibition. I am able to prepare petitions for writs of certiorari in the United States Supreme Court.


•  $150 per hour for all research, trial or appellate court briefs. Payment plans are available, with a minimum retainer to begin work and further payments in 30 day intervals.

•  While I normally charge by the hour, in some cases, I may quote a flat fee. Some flat fee appeals start at $3,500 in the case of a small record. Whether handling a simple appeal or one requiring 300 hours of time in a complex case of first impression, I strive to give your clients the quality appellate services that you desire. I am also available as a consultant for an individual brief. Contact me for an individual quotation, depending on your needs. In the event that trial counsel wish to assist in abstracting or preparing the addendum, to reduce my time, that is possible. Most have me prepare the entire brief personally, but if counsel desire to reduce costs of an appeal, I am willing to discuss delegating some work.


Note that non-scheduled, after-hours work may be undertaken in a case of trial, at an hourly rate is $200. Most work is prescheduled.

Advertisements appear in each edition of the Arkansas Bar Association's and Arkansas Trial Lawyers' Association's magazines, and my significant case reviews are posted on the web site of the Arkansas Bar Association each week for its 5,000 members, as has been the case since 2005. These significant case reviews are also distributed by the Bar Association to national subscribers of Fast Case, an electronic research provider. Using the latest technology makes the practice of law easier. I use Apple Macs  in my office.

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